Diana Blair


Ernie Oldfield: Vibrations - CD 11 004-2

1. Ernie With Diana Blair: Many Kind Of Kisses - 3:19
2. Ernie With Diana Blair: My Honey Needs No Money-3:25
3. Ernie With Will Stevens: Jacky Joker - 3:06
4. Ernie With Will Stevens: I Got What I Am - 3:06
5. Ernie With Evy: Hold Me Tight - 3:20
6. Ernie With Alojz Vogel: Beautiful Lady - 3:07
7. Ernie Oldfield: Let Me Be Your Hero (Live Vib) - 3:31
8. Ernie Oldfield: Seven Days (Highway Vib) - 3:17
9. Ernie Oldfield: My Guitar And Me (Gipsy Vib) - 2:58
10. Ernie Oldfield: Pay Me The Way (Miles Vib) - 3:23
11. Ernie Oldfield: Ruby Red (Mute Vib) - 2:54
12. Ernie Oldfield: Loving You, Loving Me (Heart Vib) - 2:44
13. Ernie Oldfield: Ernie Medley Three - 3:53
total time 42:29

Pure Country: Valleys 3 - CD 94 004-2

1. Carroll Baker: Gone gone gone
2. Don McGinnis: Always right
3. Toni Whitley: Don´t do the crime
4. Joe Lipstock: The best things ´bout today
5. Diana Blair: X-rated feelings
6. George Carone: Simple song
7. Carl W. Smith: There´s a Cowboy in his heart
8. Karen Anderson: I´m a coming back to you
9. Jerry Palmer: I was born a loser
10. Mike McAdoo: Happy landing
11. Tom Woodard: If God don´t like Country Music
12. Hillbilly 5: Playing games
13. Kevin Wara: She touched me where it hurt the most
14. Karina Long: Fairy tail romance
15. David Johnson: She´s going home with me
16. Boone & The Girls: Way back then
17. Mike McAdoo: Day to day
18. Hillbilly 5: Oh, my Christine
19. Frank Jones: The hitch-hiker
20. Cindi Cain: This moment´s not forever 

Pure Country: Valleys 2 - CD 94 002-2

1. Mike McAdoo: Number One
2. The Cones: Don´t color me blue
3. Dale Davis: When you entered my life
4. Diana Blair: I´m a willing woman
5. Jody Daniels: I´d like to have you back again
6. Toni Whitley: Ain´t that like a woman
7. Don McGinnis: Okie Boogie
8. Pat Hudson: Lilies og the valley
9. Hillbilly Romeos: A cold day
10. Karen Anderson: Learning to cry
11. Mark McLelland: Isle of happiness
12. Kimberley Moore: Flat, broken and bushed
13. Mike McAdoo: Two can play this game
14. Toni Whitley: The dirty dog
15. Dale Davis: Tempted to dial the love line
16. Ed Bernet: Travelin´ lite
17. Doug McGinnis: You´re my everything
18. Mark McLelland & Wanda Copier: For an hour or two
19. Diana Blair: Pretending
20. R.W. Hampton: I´d bet all my tomorrows on you 

Pure Country: Valleys 1 - CD 94 001-2

1. Ed Bernet: We´ll be singing Country Music
2. Pat Garrett: Sexy Ole Lady
3. Mark McLelland: The best is yet to come
4. Dale Davis: One picture´s worth a thousand lies
5. Diana Blair: Angel
6. Crossover: Moment of truth
7. Tom Woodard: Weekend Cowboy
8. Dale Davis: All I have left is your memory
9. Steve Haggard: We´re in love
10. Claudia Robot: Eight eyes
11. Robert Marshall: Unconditional Love
12. Doug McGinnis: I´m leaving the Moon over Texas
13. Mark McLelland: Lonesome doesn´t live here anymore
14. Leon Seiter: You can always count on me
15. The Cones: I´ll play the Jukebox
16. Ed Bernet: Cotton fields back home
17. Pat Garrett: My workin´ woman
18. Delton Sortor: Take your shoes off
19. Tom Woodard: Running on empty
20. Robert Marshall: I always will