James Stevens


Pure Country: Valleys 12 - CD 97 004-2

1. Ted Lang: Love signs
2. Lillias White: All right all night
3. James Stevens: Lonesome Prison Blues 
4. Dicky Minor: Heaven is a girl called Tennessee
5. John Lake: Seven Iron Bars
6. Phil Coley: Baby Doll
7. James Stevens: My day will come
8. Marty Whiddon: Too fat
9. Joel Cocker: Out from the gold horizon
10. Don Parker: Stainless steel
11. Glenn Mayo: Carved stone
12. Laure Elizabeth Edwards: Never going to let you go
13. John Winters: She ´s just earthy
14. John Lake: Rockin´ on the Moon
15. Dick Root: Blockers Pond
16. Rick Holden: Home is where the love is 
17. J. Culvert: The cutest thing
18. John Winters: I just didn´t love youvery well
19. Dick Root: Fall back on me
20. Christy Evans: The last chance Cafe  

Pure Country: Valleys 11 - CD 97 003-2

1. Dicky Minor: Come along with me to Texas
2. Jill Michaels: Grandma´s shoes
3. Markus Allen Dreyer: Old tavern hat
4. John Winters: The rhythm Cowboys play
5. Lavarro Riddle: I´m goin´ fishin´
6. Dave Parker: Lately
7. Cindy Rudolph: Without a home
8. Carol Martyn: Wichita
9. Sandy Warren: I won a rainbow
10. Joan King: Doggone you
11. J. Culvert: Young Country Love
12. Lavarro Riddle: I´m duty bound
13. Larry Keogh: Good talkin´ man
14. Nan Havens: Home sweet home
15. James Stevens: The same old story
16. Dicky Minor: Jesus loves me one more time
17. Jill Michaels: You won´t even be a memory
18. Markus Allen Dreyer: First thing on my list
19. John Winters: I once should have loved her
20. Dave Parker: Over 800 miles away  

Pure Country: Valleys 10 - CD 97 002-2

1. Adie Grey: Cowboys and Indians
2. Johnny Dollar: Two miles north of Jackson
3. Carol Martyn: Clinging to your memory
4. Don McGinnis: Guitar pickin´ truck drivin´ man
5. Charlie Robinson: Baby, it´s been a long long time
6. Dianne Carter: Turn on the music
7. D.J. Croissant: Mad it the Honky Tonks
8. Joaquin Murphy: Hot wires
9. John Winters: Did I forget to tell her
10. Jill Michaels: Next to you
11. James Stevens: Without a home
12. D.J. Croissant: So long Silver City
13. Don McGinnis: Just in time to be too late
14. Stephanie Davis: Take me down the road
15. Deborah Harmon: We work together
16. B.J. Shawd: Please remember, I love you
17. John Winters: Walk away
18. Carol Martyn: It´s time like this
19. Charlie Robinson: How can I lose a memory
20. Mike McAdoo: The first Christmas gift