Joe Jonas


Sampler: Music across the world 2 - CD 95 002-2

1. Sound Set Band: Hoit mi fest
2. Toni Bellin: What you doin´ messin´´round
3. Black Art: Oh guardian Angel
4. Joe Jonas: Now that the crying is over
5. Riverside Boogie & Blues: Don´t push
6. David J: Is there any place on earth
7. J.T. Washington: I´ll be loving you
8. Teresa Booker: Talking to you
9. Johnny Farago: Aimer en chantant
10. Aimee Davis: You blow me away
11. X-Amount: Buttom line
12. Marty Nevers & Carla Elliott: It will happen
13. Teresa Booker: Human Connection
14. Sound Set Band: Druck di
15. Riverside Boogie & Blues: Sudden thought
16. David J: Love you used to be so easy
17. Pee Jay: Ich will
18. Black Art: Black Art
19. Manuela: Ganz oder gar nicht
20. Joe Jonas: I´m gone  

Sampler: Music across the world 1 - CD 94 003-2

1. Toni Bellin: I´m talking about love
2. Solitude: You are my lady
3. Barry Friedland: Yuppies
4. El Fisher: Love me like no other does
5. Pogo: Pants
6. J.T. Washington: Loving me, loving you
7. Johnny Farago: Dans ses yeux amoureux
8. Beatcontrol: Beatcontrol
9. Joe Jonas: Tell me Baby where you stayed last night
10. Joe Cannon: Show them love
11. Sonia: Flash
12. Georgia: Technological bridge
13. Toni Bellin: One Angel down
14. Hey Soul: Don´t talk too much
15. Solitude: Rock on
16. Barry Friedland: Two souls at midnight
17. Jazy: Baby Star
18. Gladstone: Restless nights
19. Riverside Boogie & Blues: Waste of time
20. Joe Jonas: Take your clothes and go home