Leon Seiter


Pure Country: Valleys 8 - CD 96 002-2

1. Bill Roberts: Maybe
2. Carl W. Smith: If I´d never found you
3. David Houston: Anton´s new girlfriend
4. Tom Woodard: She´s my Number 1 fan
5. Dave Pearlman: Kissin´ Penelope
6. John Lake: Cowboys and Indians
7. Bill Roberts: Saddle up
8. Carl W. Smith: He doesn´t look at her
9. Tom Woodard: She´s my "x" and I know "y"
10. Larry Keogh: Good talkin´ man
11. Carmen Westfall-King: The sound of his wheels
12. Leon Seiter: To make my world go ´round
13. Gene Strasser: Let the water and the blood
14. Rob Gordon: Bright eyes in the wind
15. Cathy Bunce: Lovenight
16. Dave Pearlman: Break it up
17. David Houston: VW Girl
18. Carl W. Smith: Crystal ball
19. Bill Roberts: Caroussel of love
20. Larry Keogh: ´til the end of time

Pure Country: Valleys 1 - CD 94 001-2

1. Ed Bernet: We´ll be singing Country Music
2. Pat Garrett: Sexy Ole Lady
3. Mark McLelland: The best is yet to come
4. Dale Davis: One picture´s worth a thousand lies
5. Diana Blair: Angel
6. Crossover: Moment of truth
7. Tom Woodard: Weekend Cowboy
8. Dale Davis: All I have left is your memory
9. Steve Haggard: We´re in love
10. Claudia Robot: Eight eyes
11. Robert Marshall: Unconditional Love
12. Doug McGinnis: I´m leaving the Moon over Texas
13. Mark McLelland: Lonesome doesn´t live here anymore
14. Leon Seiter: You can always count on me
15. The Cones: I´ll play the Jukebox
16. Ed Bernet: Cotton fields back home
17. Pat Garrett: My workin´ woman
18. Delton Sortor: Take your shoes off
19. Tom Woodard: Running on empty
20. Robert Marshall: I always will