Sampler: Music across the world 3 - CD 96 001-2

1. Vince Cardillo: Bound for that dream
2.Joe Cannon: What a man
3. Richard Oates: Another shade of blue
4. Riverside Boogie & Blues: Questions in my head
5. Lightmare: Dangerous love
6. Burt Blanca: Un train se soir
7. Clemens Hoffman: Tonight
8. Glasshouse: Like an Alien
9. Eddie & Flo: Demain pres de toi
10. Lightmare: Too much thinking
11. Clemens Hoffman: Sunshine Reggae
12. David J: I wouldn´t want it any other way
13. Riverside Boogie & Blues: Body love
14. Jackie: Another night
15. Vince Cardillo: All around the world
16. Hubert Silver: Mallorca
17. Joe Cannon: Progress
18. Richard Oates: I´ve said it all goodbye