Sampler: Music across the world 5 - CD 99 003-2

1. Clemens Hoffman: Love Resurrection
2. Richard Oates: Guessing game
3. Jeffrey James: Love´s a winding road
4. Joe Cannon: Only temporary
5. AlldaRon West: Pain in her eyes
6. Danny Pace: Put your world in mine
7. Magaly: Corps et ame
8. Danny: But I don´t care
9. Daniel Hodges: No one touches me like you do
10. Roy Rose: Stop that emotions
11. Derek Luckhurst: Eye of the beholder
12. Full Circle: Saturday night´s the night
13. Sean Garrett: Ask your heart
14. Richard Oates: Please don´t leave until tomorrow
15. Solitude: Poisened green eyes
16. Jim Bailey: Why wait
17. Joe Cannon: America
18. Clemens Hoffman: Probably gone by now
19. Magaly: Tant que
20. Johnny Debrüycker: Going all the way   

Sampler: Music across the world 4 - CD 97 006-2

1. Clemens Hoffman: Let´s Party
2. Tim van Brummelen: When you whispered my name
3. Bill Roberts: Friend
4. Madmen: Talk to me
5. E.P. Toner: I´m allright Baby
6. Richard Oates: Easy
7. John Velora: Heart of the night
8. Lea Laliberte: Je prefere m´en aller
9. Full Circle: You´re the reason why
10. Teri Douglas: How many times
11. Cathy Bunce: Right slap bang in the middle
12. John Wright: Ornament
13. Clemens Hoffman: Time of our life
14. Veronica Martell: Whisper in the dark
15. John Velora: Melanie
16. Magaly: Mais que m´importe
17. Carmine DeStefano: So this is love
18. Tim van Brummelen: I love loving you
19. Girly & The Blue Caps: It´s over Baby